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Pest & Weed Control

  • Yates Zero Pulse Penetrant 200ml

    Yates Zero Pulse Penetrant 200ml

    Weeds that are normally difficult to control due to waxy leaf surfaces (such as gorse and bracken) are effectively controlled with the addition of Pulse Penetrant. Features: Pulse Penetrant has been developed and proven under New Zealand conditions. The...

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  • Yates Zero Rapid Concentrate 1L

    Yates Zero Rapid Concentrate 1L

    The fast action you expect from Zero Rapid in a concentrated format for larger weed areas. Features: Fast acting – most weeds start to show signs of dying within 1 hour of application Kills weeds and unwanted plants, roots and all Easy to use...

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  • Nature's Way Pyrethrum 200ml

    Nature's Way Pyrethrum 200ml

    Controls a wide variety of insect pests on vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals. Features: Natural, a botanical insecticide derived from the flowers of the pyrethrum daisy. Ideally suited to organic growing programmes where a broad spectrum insecticide...

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