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  • Aluminum Ducting 6"

    Aluminum Ducting 6"

    Features: High performances & static pressure. Available size: 6" Powerful and efficient performance. Completely flexible ducting making it easier to go around corners. 2pc clamps included.

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  • Carbon Filter 6"

    Carbon Filter 6"

    Features: Light weight, more practical, safe and environmental friendly. 50mm carbon thickness Excellent abrasive resistance and more durable. Large specific surface area and high absorption capacity. Cotton pre-filter included Length: 450mm

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  • Cool Tube Reflector 6"

    Cool Tube Reflector 6"

      Features: * Tempered glass tube high temperature resistance* Internal and external reflectors included* Streamlined design, quick air cooling* Avoids high heat to protect your plant* Double reflective surface larger than original cool tubes for...

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  • Digital PH Tester AZ8685

    Digital PH Tester AZ8685

    Features: Brand New This meter has ATC for accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures, and push-button calibration capabilities up to three points for a wide range of results.  It features a transparent, protective cap to reduce contamination...

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    Grow Tent Ventilation Kit

    Grow Tent Ventilation Kit

    This set is perfectly suited for ventilating a grow tent. Save some $$$ in buying this kit. It includes the following (Click the links to see specs of each item) :   Inline duct fan Carbon Filter Aluminum Ducting

    $320.00 $280.00
  • Inline Duct Fan 6"

    Inline Duct Fan 6"

    Perfect answer for circulation of fresh air in indoor gardens and hydroponic systems.   Features: Brand new in box ready to be operated upon arrival. Powerful and high efficiency High performance and static pressure to overcome the resistance...

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