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Accessories & Tools

  • Electric Fence Ratchet 10pcs

    Electric Fence Ratchet 10pcs

    Ratchet wire strainers are constructed with steel frame and equipped with a locking notch for improved performance. It is constructed with teeth spools for finer control of the wire tension, guaranteed it will be strong enough to keep the livestock in...

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  • Electric Fence Reel  1:1 Gear Ratio

    Electric Fence Reel 1:1 Gear Ratio

    Makes winding up your fence a breeze when strip grazing or for temporary electric fences. Features: * Carry handle with knuckle guard to protect hands.* Long crank arm for better leverage.* Large hand grip for comfortable use.* Fully galvanized frame and...

  • Fence Pigtail Posts 150mm 10pcs

    Fixed to the side of a fence wood post for running an electric fence along an existing fence line. Features: Brand New Galvanised steel construction. UV stabilished for long life Attach electric wire onto an existing fence. Simply attaches to existing...

  • Fence Pigtails Posts 100cm 10x

    Fence Pigtails Posts 100cm 10x

    PIGTAIL Tread In Posts WHITE STRIP GRAZE Electric Fencing. Features: Brand New Lightweight, strong spring steel. UV stabilized plastic for effective insulation. White Plastic insulation and coating for maximum visibility and easy location. Plastic...

  • Fence Plier Wire Cutter 10”

    Features: Brand new Start and pull point on one jaw with the corrugated hammer head on the other. Pulls staples and splices wire stretcher behind the joint. Solid drop-forged carbon steel blades. Heat treated, milled face design Channel and Jaw...

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  • Fence Strainer Bar Wire Puller

    Fence Strainer Bar Wire Puller

    This specially designed for terminating wire or tension slack strand. It works great on smooth or barb wire. The features rugged cast iron jaw designed to be gentle on galvanized coating and detachable pipe handle for plenty of leverage. Features: *...