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Accessories & Tools

  • Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

    Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

    This kit ensures your chickens get protected at night with a closed door and let out to enjoy the morning when the sun comes up. It's adjustable automatic light sensor picks up on the amount of daylight to activate the controller. The controller uses a...

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  • Chicken Netting Fencing 12M

    Chicken Netting Fencing 12M

    Features: Easy to set up and move. Blends with your garden. Entrance gate has a firm closure but is still easy to open. Includes instruction manual.   Specifications: Size: 12M x 1.25M (LxH) Net material: PE No. of poles: 6 No. of gate pole: 1 No...

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  • Electric Fence Ratchet 10pcs

    Electric Fence Ratchet 10pcs

    Ratchet wire strainers are constructed with steel frame and equipped with a locking notch for improved performance. It is constructed with teeth spools for finer control of the wire tension, guaranteed it will be strong enough to keep the livestock in...

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  • Electric Fence Warning Sign 10x

    Features: Brand New Five holes for Hanging or two clips fastening to fence wire or nailing to wood post. Specifications: Material: Plastic board with UV protection. Length: 24.50cm Width: 13.00cm Thickness: 2mm Quantity: 10 pieces

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  • Fence Pigtail Posts 150mm 10pcs

    Fixed to the side of a fence wood post for running an electric fence along an existing fence line. Features: Brand New Galvanised steel construction. UV stabilished for long life Attach electric wire onto an existing fence. Simply attaches to existing...

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